I Am African by Verastic

EP 7: How To Discover (And Harness) Your Feminine Energy ft. Ekene Onu

April 20, 2020 Vera Ezimora Season 1 Episode 7
I Am African by Verastic
EP 7: How To Discover (And Harness) Your Feminine Energy ft. Ekene Onu
Show Notes

It's not every day that one gets to have a conversation about how to discover your feminine energy with the dynamic feminine success coach, Ekene Onu. She's a whole lot of woman. She is as wise as she is graceful, and she seems to do it all so effortlessly. I don't know how she does it, but I do know that she is one of us, and I have met her in person, so I know for sure that she does not have two heads.

Today's episode is about how to discover your feminine energy. But it isn't just about discovering it, but also about harnessing it. For starters, what is feminine energy? Ekene Onu answers this question and much more. I can tell you that I was already thirty years old before I even discovered that I had something called feminine energy. I have read articles about feminine energy, but no one has talked to me about feminine energy the way that Ekene Onu has.

Let me tell you a bit about Ekene Onu: she is the dynamic, soulful and visionary coach behind the Iconic Woman Mastermind and the Iconic Womanhood feminine success course and the Refresh Retreats, a vibrant social strategic, and restorative event for high-octane and executive women.

She is also the host of the Iconic Womanhood podcast where feminine leadership, grace and possibility are featured, discussed and celebrated. Before she became the visionary that she is today, she was a successful pharmacist. Ekene Onu has been hired to consult for some of the largest and most innovative brands in the world for Fortune 500 companies and notable institutions like The Georgia Institute of Technology, Union Bank PLC, the Graca Machel Trust and more.  She is passionate about helping women elevate and improve their performance through knowledge acquisition & transformative coaching. 

Ekene's Offer for Sweet Potatoes

Her next mastermind begins in May, but it's only for 20 women. Ekene Onu is not for everyone, but if she is for you, then grab your seat right now because like I said, it's only for 20 people. As a Sweet Potato, use the code Verastic (case-sensitive) if you're paying in full and get $100 off your seat. Can't pay in full but still want a seat? No problem! Use the code Verastic10 (also case-sensitive) to get 10% off your monthly payment plan. REGISTER HERE.

Ways to work with Ekene Onu: Through her Iconic Mastermind page (where you can save $100 with code Verastic for full price or Verastic10 for 10% off monthly payment plan)  |  Through her self-paced feminine foundations course  |  Through her yearly retreat (this year's dates are from November 12th to 15th in Atlanta, Georgia)  |  Work with her one-on-one as your executive coach.  Connect with Ekene Onu on her podcast, Iconic Womanhood, on Instagram, and on Twitter.

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